Sandomierz Cultural Centre together with the Municipal Office in Sandomierz organize town's cultural events and develop diverse forms of activities in cooperation with kindergartens, schools, social organizations, associations and art institutions. Sandomierz Cultural Centre consists of: Song and Dance Ensamble “Ziemia Sandomierska”, dance group “PARADOX”, Young Dance Group “Salsa Dance”, Group “Akcent”, cheerleader group “FLUO”. What is more, the so-called “Music Garage", where rock bands from Sandomierz can practise and develop their skills, operates at this local cultural institution. A small cinema is also part of the Sandomierz Cultural Centre. In addition to typical commercial films, the cinema offers valuable artistic film shows and screen adaptations of school required reading. Those who enjoy ambitious, non-commercial films and are willing to expand their knowledge about the film can join a Film Discussion Club “Krutka”. The cinema does not only show films, but also organizes small concerts and recitals.

Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre (MOSiR) is a unit that implements sports, recreational and tourist activities. Its main tasks involve the maintenance and availability of sports and recreation base, and the organization of recreational and sports events. MOSiR is the administrator of the Municipal Sports Stadium, Sports Hall, and the indoor swimming pool “Błękitna Fala".

MOSiR includes:

- Recreation Center,

- Green Culture Center - Sandomierz “Piszczele" Park

Culture and Recreation Centre disseminates culture, organizes socio-cultural animation activities, spreads knowledge about art, deals with recreation and the organization of leisure time for children, teenagers and adults.

Sandomierz “Piszczele" Park, which is located in the town's centre, is a perfect place for relaxation and spending leisure time with family in an active way. In the Park, at the top of Góra Słoneczna, Green Culture Centre is located. In winter, a highly popular mini-ski lift is installed on the mountain. Almost all year long, one can enjoy the scenic walking paths, cycling routes, skate park, basketball pitch in the “Piszczele Park".

The most important periodic events and cultural activities held in Sandomierz:

*  Unusual Films Festival

* Sandomierz Days

*  Midsummer Eve – “Garlands”

*  Jagiellonian Fairs

*  Round the Water Festival

*  “Music in Sandomierz” Festival

* Summer and Winter National Triathlon Championships of Me-dicine Doctors

*  Sandomierz Organ Evenings

*  “Summer in the Town”

*  “Winter in the Town”

*  Gentleness Festival

*  Vitamin Jazz – Autumn Semitones Treatment