one of the oldest secondary schools in Poland. There has been preserved the “school” wing of the former Jesuit college founded in 1602 by Hieronim Gostomski, the Poznań Voivode and Sandomierz Castellan. The complex was built in the years 1604 - 1615 by a Jesuit builder Michael Hintz. It was destroyed by fires in 1656 and 1813 r. In the second half of the 19th century the southern wing and St. Peter’s church (mentioned since 1166), which stood in the middle of the courtyard, were demolished.  The six-storey building preserved the original lay-out, the vault decoration, the heating system and the original elliptic staircase (on two storeys), which is the first and unique construction of this kind in Poland. At present, after an overhaul, in Collegium Gostomianum there is a school again.