an old mansion founded in 1476 by John Długosz (a diplomat and a historian, the author of the first history of Poland). The building has two and a half room lines and a spacious hall to which two late Gothic portals lead. In the south, over the vestibule, there is a foundation board with John Długosz’ coat of arms “Wieniawa”. In the 16th century the building was topped with an attic. In the years 1934-1936 it was overhauled and “regothicised”. Since 1937 the collections of the Diocesan Museum have been situated here. The author of the museum exhibition was Charles Estraycher. The most interesting exhibits are: the Gothic painting “the Three Saint Women”, the painting “the Virgin Mary with the Holy Infant” by Lucas Cranach, the sculpture “the Virgin Mary on the Throne” from a church in Goźlice from the 13th century, a collection of liturgical garments (15th - 18th century) and miniature organs from the 17th century.