it is the part of the underground system of multi-storey chambers and tunnels that is accessible to tourists. They were drilled for military and economic reasons and they the atmosphere of mystery always accompanied them since the very beginning. According to a local legend brave Halina Krępianka died here rescuing the city from the Tartars; from here the defenders of the city, during numerous wars, raided the areas outside the walls wreaking havoc on the besieging soldiers. The undergrounds in Sandomierz are also the evidence of former magnificence of the city – the multi-storey cellars in the area of the Market Square, which are under the buildings, once belonged to rich merchants, or owners of wine houses or pharmacies. The undergrounds, which in the violent history of the city played the role of a shelter for the inhabitants, were also the causes of many building collapses. In 60's and 70's of the XX century, during the program of protecting the Old Town in Sandomierz, the existing underground cavities were discovered, and in 1977 the Underground Tourist Route was opened to the public.