Sandomierz as the world centre of the striped flint 

The striped flint - the stone of optimism, that's the motto which is constantly used to describe actions which Cezary Łutowicz has been taking to promote this stone as one of the ingredients in jewelry. It is one of the best known stones in Sandomierz region. In 1972, after four thousand years of oblivion, this stone returned to us. In Sandomierz Region appeared many grinding workshops, goldsmiths studios and galleries. The jewelry with this stone is as popular as jewelry with amber in Gdansk. Furthermore, some tourists come to Sandomierz only for buying ' the stone of optimism'.

In old neolith period this extra-ordinary stone was extracted only in one place in the whole world, the striped flint made its owner special, accompanied his/her life, showed social position, simply this stone was outstanding badge.

For over two thousand years in mines and settlements nearby Swietokrzyskie mountains this stone was carefully worked, gathered and started his tour through Europe. Nowadays, it is similar, the striped flint is picked up by human, worked and becoming jewel, something special. Once again it is a sign of Sandomierz.

Its hardness, beauty and rarity of existence suggest us that this is gemstone. In its structure we can see beautiful landscapes, space, rough waters, plants and animals world, it shows us beauty of four elements.

We appreciate its owners. The striped stone became elite's stone, we can find it in museums and galleries, in treatises and articles, in fashion designers awareness, in emotions and jewel cases. In addition, this variety of flint was chosen to be the stone of the Polish presidency in the EU. Moreover, Sandomierz became was announced as 'World capital of striped stone'.

Additionally, in the Sandomierz Regional Museum there is the first fashion and jewelry show on record in preparation for which the striped flint was used. The authors of it are the best Polish jewelry designers, the exhibition consists of about 250 works.  This unique museal collection of the striped flint jewelry and objects, and 

a series of golsmithery workshop sessions conducted since 2000 by the the Sandomierz Regional Museum and Cezary Łutowicz's „Gold & Silver Gallery” and devoted to the striped flint.