a natu-ral loess ravine approximately 500 m long and 10 m deep. The ravine divides St Jacob Hill from St Paul Hill. It is the most beautiful loess ravine in Sandomierz. In the south-west of Sandomierz, a mysterious hill Salve Regina is located in Krakówka housing esta-te. Its size and shape really catch the eye. The hill's diameter, at its base, is about 40 m, with the hight of above 11 m. At the top of the hill there is a relief sculpture of Madon-na and Child. The sculpture was erected in the memory of the Con-federation of Bar. On the north side of the monument, a semicircular inscription "Salve Regina" has been formed in the grass. The local tradi-tion has it that the inscription has always been present and it never grows with grass. The origins of a number of stories and legends are associated with the hill.  According to one of them, a burial mound, piled over a cremation grave (presumably of the corpses of the village founders) resembling the Krakus Mound in Kraków, is to be found here. Another legend tells that during the Tartar invasion, who exterminated a large group of Dominicans, a bull from the Domi-nican monastery freed itself and started chasing the Tartars to avenge the death of the monks. Being unable to reach them, the bull built the mound with its hoo-ves, and then formed the inscrip-tion at the top of the mountain "Salve Regina" – Be welcomed, Queen.