is a huge tou-rist attraction in Sandomierz. In the park one can find the following: walking and cycling paths, a skate-park, grass pitches, a basketball tarmac pitch, gazebos, and Green Centre of Culture – on top of Sunny Glade (Polana Słoneczna), where in winter operates a mini ski-lift, and the biggest asset of the Park – a rope park. “Tarzan's Trail” is the name of the afore-mentioned rope park; it consists of bases located in the tree-tops and bridges between them. The bases hung at the height from 5 m to 10 m are connected in various ways – by ropes, footbridges, and beams. The passage through the park is absolutely safe. The participants are protected with a harness and helmet and additional protection is provided by safety ropes. During the passage the participants are assisted by qualified instructors.